Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lily-bean...sort of...

So on Tuesday I, along with my mom and best friend went to UC-Baby for a 3D ultrasound. Apparently my daughter is already taking after her mother in that she's as stubborn as can be! Despite me jumping up and down, climbing stairs, trying to shove my belly, and bending over, the u/s tech tried for an hour (my appointment was only for 30 min.) but was unable to capture a good face shot. This picture explains why:

Yup, Lily insisted on holding her legs up infront of her face the entire about a contortionist! I think I'll be putting her in gymnastics as soon as she can walk...lmao...

Here are a few glimpses of her face:

It was still worth the experience though, as I got a DVD made up of the appointment and I can see Lily smiling, yawning and sticking her tongue out at times :)
I have a free followup appointment for another 3D u/s next Saturday when hopefully the baby will be more was told to eat/drink something sweet before hand to try to get her more's hoping!

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